Revisiting Old Thoughts

Subject: STC 233 – Maxx Pollack – Personal Goal

Date: August 22, 2016 at 7:59:30 PM EDT

Professor Barnes,

By the end of the year I would like to gain more confidence in my ideas and in presenting those ideas. I hope to be able to express my thoughts during class more as I am a bit on the shy side. Thanks, see you Wednesday.

-Maxx Pollack

This was me nearly four months ago. So much has changed in such a small amount of time. I could have never foreseen the path this semester or even year would take me on. I had a lot of growing up to do coming into my sophomore year. I was unsure of myself, and I was unsure of who I wanted to be. I can’t say I can attribute all of my personal growth to STC 233, but it definitely has helped to shape me into the person I am today. I have gained more of an outward focus, realizing the things that needed to happen for me to have a life of success. I became more confident in my ability to have an idea worth sharing. Looking back at my goal for this class I can be happy seeing that I did achieve the level of personal growth I was looking for.

The last few months have been a rollercoaster ride like no other. I’ve had my ups and my downs, my trials and my triumphs. I’ve won big, and lost everything. But that’s the way life works. You have to keep going, you have to keep defining yourself, keeping pushing against all adversity. But what keeps me going? The thought of being able to look back and see the path I made for myself, to have no regrets, no questions about myself. To be able to see all the success I had, and to know that I made that happen. That is what keeps me going.

So in short, yes I did achieve my personal goal. And yes I enjoyed the journey, but it’s not over yet. Not by a long shot. I still have a lot to learn, a lot to experience before I’m ready for the world. Hopefully I’ll continue down the right path. Watch out world I’m coming for you.




A Future Undecided

To be honest I have not given much thought to my future. I have expected that if I continue to work hard and progress that things will fall into place how they were meant to. Typically I try to refrain from imagining the future as it is so unexpected and literally anything can happen. But today I will try to voice my ideal job.

In an ideal world, my ideal job takes place somewhere urbanized, in the hustle and bustle of a city. Somewhere like Miami, or LA. My job revolves around advertising, some kind of account executive or creative director who works on a wide variety of projects for many different clients. I see myself working with a team, either as a leader or collaborator, to build some of the most lasting and effective campaigns in history for said clients. The ideal job I would like to have is somewhere where I have worked hard to get to, yet will have to prove myself time and time again. After spending a few years working up the corporate ladder and networking myself, I feel I can attain this jump to an executive or junior management level position in either fields.

The work I would be doing would be towards the betterment of brand identity and key demographic sales for a specific nationalized or international company. People would see the work I would be doing, and others would look to me for new ideas. I would be in a pivotal role in each campaign I am apart of. I would offer my ideas and outlook on new research methods on brand consistency with specific demographics. I would use my knowledge to further the industry as a whole, looking at different areas and resources then most to predict the desired lasting effect on the targeted audience.

I feel that the roles of either, account executive or associate creative director would fit my skill set well. In both jobs critical thinking and problem solving are huge parts of the day to day. I would enjoy getting to tackle different problems for different brands, and would like to be a part of either larger more big picture work for multiple brands, or involved in each specific project that comes together to form an entire campaign. I would love to keep getting new tasks, and not be involved in the same work day after day, instead getting to switch it up frequently and take on new challenges. My ideal job would be one where I have a good deal of responsibility, yet have the opportunity to take on new challenges frequently. I would work either with a team or a team would work for me to complete various the aspects involved in completing the campaigns. My leadership, creativity, and critical thinking will have impact on any job I have, yet hopefully I can secure something where all three are used conjointly. The future may be undecided, but I feel that if I keep my options open and continue to put forth my best effort, I can attain a position like mentioned above. One where I am comfortable yet tested. Where I am thoughtful and creative.

An Outside Reflection

When looking at the candidate, Maxx Pollack, I see a lot of strengths, yet he still has a lot to learn. His personal growth has not yet reached the capacity for us to hire him here. While he looks good on paper, in person he still has a long way to go. For us to hire him would be a huge risk. He would have to undergo further training that would become counter productive for his time here, when we could just hire someone with more experience. In order for him to become a better candidate I would suggest he take an entry level position and learn more about himself and the industry he wishes to work in.

Maxx is headstrong and determined so I believe we may see his name again one day. His strengths are huge pluses here. Leadership, creativity, and the ability to think critically will give him an edge over his peers, yet his weaknesses can not be overlooked. We emphasize here timely completion with enough ability to go back and fix mistakes before due dates. His writing skills are improved from many of the other candidates, but still have a long way to go. He is a quick learner and with practice can pick up almost everything. He has many important skills that could be beneficial here, from coding, to photography, to journalism, and to design, but he hasn’t taken the time to focus down on one specific aspect. He spent all his time broadening his perspective and learning new things, that he became proficient at many things, but a master at none. Hopefully he can specify his talents, and become great at just one thing.

I look forward to his reapplication after he furthers his journey into the industry, he would make a good fit here one day, just not today.

Billions in Change

Executive Summary

Billions in Change is the LLC that Manoj Bhargava started with the goal of developing technology that would aid in pressing global issues. The technology developed at Billions in Change is used for helping those who don’t have access to the basic necessities of life. Billions in Change specializes in innovation in regards to clean water, clean energy, and health benefits. Bhargava, who made his fortune as the founder of Five Hour Energy, has spent 99% of his profits in order to attempt to change the world through Billions in Change. Bhargava surrounds himself with only the greatest, designers, inventors, and freethinkers, all united for a common good.

Bhargava and his team have specialized in innovation in regards to making, clean water, energy, and wellness available worldwide. The company’s developments in energy include, a stationary bike which generates 24 hours worth of electricity for every hour peddled. A new clean energy advancement, pulling heat from the core of the earth to power turbines and generate electricity. They have also created a machine that turns either seawater or polluted water into fresh water suitable for drinking water and agriculture use, at a rate of a thousand gallons per hour. Bhargava and his team have also created a device that enhances blood flow by squeezing blood from the lower body into the core body while the heart is at rest, aiming to reduce risk of disease by promoting healthy blood flow.

The documentary shows Bhargava’s personal story, he is a man who wants to achieve greatness and aims to make a difference in the day to day lives of each individual in the world. Through innovation and experimentation, Bhargava and his team have made headway in achieving breakthroughs in health, energy, and water.    

New Year, New Blog

Welcome to my new blog! This blog will aim be a collection of writings and other things that catch my interest. It will mainly be my own work, but will on occasion draw from elsewhere. Unless stated the work will be mine. Thank you. Looking forward to the adventure!


-Maxx E. Pollack