Some recent work in Journalism:

University of Miami’s Lennar Foundation Medical Center Keeps Focus On Functionality

What President-Elect Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Means For Cuban-Americans

Perks Of Solar Amendment Not Enough

Matthew Kuscher: Restauranteur, Entrepreneur, Local Connoisseur

Florida Solar: Amendment Four

Roxana Amed, Argentinian Singer-Songwriter, Performs With FIU Professors

Zika, A Look Behind The Bite

Amendment 1 Fails Despite 50% of Floridians Voting Yes

(This work was done from August 2016 – Jan. 2016 in the University of Miami course JMM 208 – The Fundamentals of News gathering)


Some Non-Journalistic work in writing:

War and it’s Lasting Effects on Behavior (Dec. 2016)

Creative Writing Portfolio (Jan 2016 – May 2016)


Documentary Photography Work:

Documentary Photography Nick Dimasi Photo Story (April 2016)